Thursday, May 09, 2019

Superhero AM Radios

What was your AM Radio as a kid? Mine was "Little Sprout" from the "Green Giant" commercials, I assume my mother won it.

It was pretty cool but my older sibling had an FM radio in her room, so i mainly just kept my door open so I could hear Black Sabbath.  

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Jón Páll said...

Clark had groovy sideburns in the 70s.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Never understood why kids toys always had AM-only radios in those days. Were there a lot of kids listening to classical music and the farm report?

Anonymous said...

AM had top 40 hit radio, i.e., in Chicago...WLS AM, AM was stronger, FM was slightly underground-ish.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget baseball and other sports on radio is on AM 'for the boys'.


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