Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bee-Gee's Fever- Catch it!

I never got the fever although i didn't mind the brothers Gibb. Years later my teenage son would start playing BeeGee's records loudly, I guess that's how you rebel against parents who still listen to GWAR.

We live in sad "Dog earless" times people.

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Anonymous said...

The BeeGees epitomize the 70s disco scene which is a happy-place for ths Anon, even though I missed it by just under a decade.

Several of these items are going to have me haunting eBay late into the night.

I'm going to share a tip, even though it might mean some (undeserved) competition on this stuff. Maybe it will bring me some good karma...

What's really getting my attention are those "sing-along" microphones. Depending on the year, that's a 2.5 or 3.5mm jack. 2.5 is a nuisance and some soldering but 3.5 means "sing-along" is still plug and play by today's standars! That jack isn't any different than "audio in" on a standard sound box (like that Solid State Bee Gees Guitar Amplifier).

...and Audio In, brothers and sisters, means your late 20th century audio players are fully compatible with 21st century audio players!

One of the best kept secrets out there is how fantastic the sound-quality is in the better 80s boom-boxes. Even many "standard" models from back then have better frequency response than the "good" portable audio players today!

Admittedly, there's the hipster music-snob appeal of playing your music on old Magnavox or Soundesign with a two-plug RCA male to 3.5mm female adaptor for your mp3 player.

Granted, these models are going to have a tinny 70s cheap consumer electronics "sound", and that's a good thing. It's essential for an authentic Bee Gees experience.

Seriously, a big thank you to our kind host Brian for putting me on to this merch!

Rick Dunn said...

I do want one of those record carrying cases. I already have the '70s DC super-heroes album case.


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