Monday, April 29, 2019

Toy Ventures 19: Space Sword & Space Shield

Ok let me address the fact that for some reason I keep saying "Star Sword" despite what's on the label but please don't let that mar my celebration of two of my favourite childhood toys, Space Sword and Space Shield! These glow in the dark Star Wars inspired toys were the source of hours and hours of backyard play for me in the late 1970s and I actually like them better than officially licensed toys. So join me on another Toy-Venture in a galaxy far, far away. If you like this video please subscribe for more goodness ever week!


Hauntedheadful said...

My grandmother gave the swords to me and my five cousins on Christmas Eve probably 1978 or so.Aside for a broken lamp in the back bedroom and a bloody nose to the youngest cousin, we had a good time with them.

Anonymous said...

Hauntedheadful is the reason the officially licensed sword for the first movie had an inflatable shaft. :D

Didn't interest this Anon even in the slightest.

Even back then, I favored tools that were, as Obi Wan put it, more "clumsy or random". By the time the "whistling" solid blade version was released for Return Of The Jedi, I was getting a bit old for make-pretend anyhow.

Lifetime Mike said...

I was just thinking about the Space Sword earlier this week, then discovered this Toy Ventures entry. Loved this light saber knockoff. Never had the shield but a buddy had the helmet ... A white version if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for sharing this. Brings back many awesome memories.


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