Monday, April 08, 2019

Toy-Ventures 16: Metal Man by Zee Toys

The subject of this weeks Toy-Ventures is one of the coolest and most underrated action figure lines of the 1970s, the "Metal Man" series by Zee Toys (AKA Zylmex). 

The Metal Man line had no TV advertising, no print campaign but thanks to its excellent design and timing (arriving at the same time as the Micronauts and Star Wars) it ran well into the 1980s and never added a single figure. We discuss the line's charms and it's ongoing popularity with collectors and look at my meager collection. 

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Scott J Baker said...

Man, I loved my Radon Robot! These guys were just pure aesthetic, awesome looking but damn near impossible to stand up or hold accessories. I had two blue Radon Robots (one with recharge pod and one with gun and armor), a gold Radon or "Questar" (with pop out wing pack), and a Corporal Chrome (with raft). I never saw Capt. Hackett here in Western New York. I also got the "THX1138" vibe from the humanoid characters. Thanks as always for a nostalgic blast!

Anonymous said...

My opinion- Please DON'T BUY the Metal Man with the USA aka American flag on his/its chest.

I bought one new, in the 1980s. Within a week, of non-vigorous play, his legs + lower body fell off.

It also weighs a lot, like a bag of metal washers. It was probably badly designed. Please don't buy one, if you want to take it out of a box, + handle it, every once in awhile. The other figures might be good, however.


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