Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Studio 27

If anybody offers you coke at this disco, it's going to come in a bottle.

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Rick Dunn said...

The girl's dress looks like something one might wear to a sacrifice.

Hauntedheadful said...

I think the second outfit from the right is actually cool.All it needs to be bearable is if they drop that ridiculous waistline to somewhere below the poor kid's Clavicle.I will never understand what 70's designers were seeing when they distorted the human anatomy with High Waistlines,Frankenstein style Platt shoes,Flair legs,and Bozo the Clown style Collars.Pair that with enormous sideburns and my flashback nightmare is complete.Must have been the drugs.

Anonymous said...

Mr.A is about to get his foot stepped on, I see. :D

Anonymous said...

This Anon (no relation to Anon Above Me) fully agrees with Hauntedheadful's opinion on the trouser waistlines. However, given a choice, better to see young people dressing like this than much of what followed in subsequent decades, particularly the "Kurt Cobain Seattle Stoner" look in the 90s.

Or, worse, the resurgence it's having now because "lazy, slovenly chronic pot-head" isn't simply a "look" anymore, it's authentic.

At least these guys are clean shaven, freshly bathed, combed (kinda) hair. Their trousers have sharp creases and their dads put some genuine TLC into shining their shoes.

Miss White Dress -does- look like she's off to a Corn Maiden Sacrificial Barn Dance after the teen disco. Still... when was the last time anyone saw a young woman dressed in an all-white dress that covers her knees? I mean outside of a wedding?


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