Tuesday, December 04, 2018

World of Adventures

Ah, this photo will be my happy place today. That orange scuba set was well played with in my house.

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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to release a "morale patch" and "challenge-coin" with that logo. A lot of real-deal military people would love it just for the awesome nostalgia.

The G.I. Joe Adventure Team. When you say it out loud, it's just so magnificent.

Armpit Studios said...

They did a great job posing the 4 Joes together in that top-left shot. Only 1 is looking at the camera. It gives it a lot of realistic personality.

YesterdayIsNow said...

World of beards more like. What is up with all that chia chin hair? Didn't any of the action sets include a razor?

Also, that castle's kind of cool. Is it by Marx?

Umbratikus said...

What was the date on this one. Early 70s sometime. '72?

Anonymous said...

TR says:

I think the reason for [the big BEARDS + big hair] on the GI joes, is that:

In the USA, in the 1970s, big hippie hair + big hippies' beards were popular on tv...and in pop culture.
So I think the 1970s GI Joes getting these haidos + beards, was Hasbro's way of cashing in on that craze.

That's just my guess, anyway.

Anonymous said...


I meant to say, hairdos, + not- "haidos".

Armpit Studios said...

I think it was more of a rugged outdoorsman lumberjack type thing. An adventure/military man wouldn't stoop to hippy trends when growing a beard for practical reasons; Winter warmth and because it's hard to get a good shave with only a mostly frozen mountain stream. If G.I. Joe grew a beard purely to mimic the looks of hippies, it was only so he could go undercover, blend in with the subversive pinkos, and destroy their commie movement from within.


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