Friday, December 28, 2018

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Steve Austin's Belt Buckle- Ok so it's not the exact one but it's the same one the Six Million Dollar man wore. Anything that gets me closer to looking like Lee Majors is a good thing, also I imagine he smells really good.

70s Star Wars rip off parachute guy from Spain- This hits an incredible amount of buttons for me, if it's already sold it's because I caved and bought this.

Captain America Movie Viewer Catridge- How weird is it that Cap was marketed under the Walt Disney Brand 40 years before that happened? Also, I just know this is clips of those weirdly animated Krantz cartoons, so i want it more.

Berwick Dalek Playsuit from 1965- Even though this came out many years before I did, I love Doctor Who and the Daleks. Also, I find the wonderful simplicity of this toy very appealing.

Ideal J,J Armes Mobile Investigation Unit- I remember seeing this commercial as a kid and wanting it for that entire Saturday and then moving onto something else I guess, childhood is funny like that. 

While Armes himself is a real PI with different mechanical hands, he never had a cool ride like this, I totally checked.


Unknown said...

Plus Laverne & Shirley Dolls! Shere90

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Dalek costume!

As for the Star Wars, knockoff guy, with a parachute- does he jump into deep space...wearing his parachute?

YesterdayIsNow said...

Wow, a lot to process here:

First off - where is that Star Wars knock-off adventure taking place? I can't tell if that is asteroids in outer space or a mountain range on Earth.

Next, growing up we had a Movie Viewer like that one, but I don't recall if it was by Disney. We did have some Disney "movies" that we played in it (old Mickey and Donald shorts).

We also had the traditional Viewmaster rotating slides viewer, and for that we did have a disc for the Krantz 60s Captain America cartoon. It totally confused me as a kid as I was not aware of the existence of any Captain America cartoon, and also because they just threw together a random set of images that told no clear story.

Next, is that a Dalek/plumber combo costume? Not sure that a mini-plunger and screwdriver wil come in handy for conquering the universe.

Finally, that J.J. Armes vehicle is very cool in that blocky/futuristic style that Fisher Price Advanture People also adopted. But what's with the "super hook for remote pick-ups"? Is that for towing trucks or pulling dates?

John said...

Star Wars Knock Off Parachute Guy looks like a Rip Off of Orion of the New Gods.
George Lucas ripped off many of the characters and plots of Kirby's Fourth World as well , mmm ?

Anonymous said...

This Anon adores the card art for the Parachute Guy because while ripping off Star Wars, they also ripped off the mostly-forgotten artists who did incredible art for early-mid 70s sci-fi paperback covers. In this case, particularly Chris Foss.

There was a markedly different visual aesthetic to science-fiction before Star Wars and this is what it looked like.


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