Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pod Stallions 67: Mad Monster Party?

Happy Halloween everybody, as usual, we've put together a new episode for our favourite holiday.

Today's topic is the 1967 classic special "Mad Monster Party?" by the incredible Rankin Bass studios, while not as universally celebrated as their Christmas Fare has a nice established cult following and Jason & Brian are definitely members of that cult.

Other topics include the career of Boris Karloff, Harvey Kurtzman, Cracked Magazine, Bill Ward, Mad Magazine, Jessica Rabbit, the new TV movie "My dinner with Herve", Tigon films and the schedule of Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

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Anonymous said...

I like Mad Monster Party. I probably saw it when I was 9.
I saw it at home, on tv, and probably was the first scary film, and "horror film", that I ever watched. It's a lot of Fun! :D

Milé Murtanovski said...

I'm totally with you on The New Adventures of Pinocchio (along with Hilarious House) signaling that it's 6am (and dark...and cold). It seemed forever coupled with that weird Wizard of Oz cartoon (I loved all three of these shows).

Plaidstallions said...

I totally love the Oz cartoon, i love Rusty's voice.

TentacleJoe said...

I love this movie. I picked up the soundtrack when the vinyl release came out and it's a beautiful release with a gatefold of the skeleton band. Surprisingly, I put it on one night while we were playing a game as background music and it was very enjoyable :)


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