Friday, September 14, 2018

Spider-Man's Web of Terror

For Superhero who can't drive and is sorta poor, Spider-Man has some killer cars.

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. said...

The "Cowbweb Cave", now why didn't Spider-Man ever have one of those?

Anonymous said...

...for the same reason Peter Parker didn't live in the Baxter building or have Edward The Butler keeping the Parker Manor nice and tidy. :D

Doctor Octopus, Doctor Doom, and "Kraven The Hunter"???

Only dedicated adult comics nerds would recognize him as a serious Spidey foe. Since this was the 70s, Kraven's lion-skin jacket has a long, professionally styled mane that made Barry Gibb hit a new high note in envy.

Marvel loved giving their male characters fabulous hair. Even Luke Skywalker got the "salon treatment".

YesterdayIsNow said...

I don't get that. Kraven was always a major Spidey villain as far as I could tell. First saw him in Spidey Super Stories I believe.


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