Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Back to School 1975 Style

If you're like me, September is filled with memories of being dragged to the mall to try on your new "Back to School" ensembles. My own mother was partial to "Marks and Spencers" or as I referred to it "Corduroy Hell".  

On this wonderful occasion let's look at the best outfits 1975 would force you to try on and try on and try on. More after the jump!

Dressing your daughter like an ironing board cover was a brief fad that disappeared with the CB craze.

It's miniature Oscar Goldman and Steve Austin!

That virginity is not going anywhere.

Outfits such as these provided a soft launch to a career in the foodservice industry. Also, I'll never get over the free use of the word "Chubbies" back then.

Happy Back to School!

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Unknown said...

Its like you've stolen photos from my family photo album's from the 70's- Mark J

top_cat_james said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
top_cat_james said...


From the Veruca Salt "I Want It Now!" Collection.

Anonymous said...

"Every boy in this catalog needs a damn haircut... (start of a tirade about hippies, hippie culture, and so on)"
-This Anon's dad, circa 1975.

One of the very nice things about getting sent to parochial school was the school uniform requirements spared us from the well-intentioned humiliations our mothers would have otherwise inflicted. White dress shirt, dark blue trousers, black shoes, no sneakers.

...and boys' hair does NOT reach the shirt collar.

The grade-school girls had it worse. They had to wear those plaid tartan jumpers.

Anonymous said...

On unrelated note, this Anon is burning with curiosity over the removed comment.

That red "info label" is just begging the whole world to take an obvious shot at its expense.

With that label on the page, the rest is easy.

Anonymous said...

Fourth picture set, outfit 13 (kid with backhoe on his sweater)...you just KNOW that kid regularly decapitated his sisters Barbies and probably ate crayons and Elmer`s glue in class just to get attention. Looks like a classic lil shit disturber.

Sabrina Steyling said...

4th photo down, kids 1 and 2 - they look like Jody and Buffy from Family Affair to me (the kids' faces, not their outfits)!


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