Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TV's Police Woman

The 1970s were clearly the high point for dolls based on TV detective shows. 

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Anonymous said...

Just love, love, love the way somebody circled the two accessory kits. It's this kind of human touch that makes history so fascinating.

Was it a little girl making sure her folks/ relatives knew she wanted the accessory sets and not (another) doll? Was it a relative deciding these would be a great gift? Who knows? But somebody wanted them enough to mark it down.

top_cat_james said...

"Undercover Wardrobes" is missing: (3) Hooker Set.

Anonymous said...

Does the Hooker Set come with a B. A. Baracus style machine gun like Motorcycle honey? Girl be packin' heat!

John said...

I distinctly remember episode 21 ,Sabotage Under The Sea where she left the desk to dive underwater and fight a giant Moray Eel . She read him his rights and busted that jive turkey into next Tuesday.


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