Thursday, February 15, 2018

pilot the Enterprise thru space

I seriously should just break down and buy one of these, time to be Mr Sulu for an afternoon....

1979 remco catalog.1980 remco catalog

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JFStan said...

This is definitely the coolest thing I never had.

John said...

And how ! One of the sweeeetest toys ever ! I would spend the whole afternoon flying around and lifting space junk off the " floor " and wipe out the batteries in one fell swoop. One day months later , the cable connector to the motor broke and it was non repairable so i threw the Enterprise around the yard until it was lost .45 years later I'll bet someone will find it while mowing the lawn .

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all these types of fly by wire toys, really fun to feel you are controlling it, I saw many adults having a blast on them too. Good times.

Aapthi Technologies said...
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