Thursday, February 08, 2018

Do it yourself Bionic Men

My model kit building skills were super weak when these came out so i never had the pleasure of painting Steve Austin beating up an outlaw biker.

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Anonymous said...

In all fairness, the sculpts are pretty weak, too. Steve Austin was never supposed to look like Richie Cunningham.

David Morefield said...

Off-duty military officer with a Young Republican haircut puts a shirtless, unshaven biker in his place. Steve was sure a hero to us hippy-phobic, establishment-type kids. At least until he grew that damn mustache.

And good for him beating up that crocodile. There's no way it deserves that briefcase full of money more than he does.

John said...

Perhaps the briefcase was used for the Oscar Goldman doll ( I mean action figure's) ensemble trick briefcase ? It boggles the mind :


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