Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Count Pantypeel

 DO NOT stare directly into his eyes, lest you fall under his incredible seduction powers....too're naked.....

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Trilkhai said...

Oh no, I avoided staring into his eyes, but I was sucked into the hypnotic power of his cravat — and now I'm uncontrollably doing a slow-mo Hustle down to his basement rec room!

Anonymous said...

Meet Count Pantypeel!
The one Doctor Who that's TOO HOT for television! :D

Anonymous said...

Now we know how the men of Vampire Clan Cullen dressed back in the Swingin' 70s.

It's always amazing to see photos like this and realize the model isn't wearing a single article of clothing that wouldn't produce outright laughter and cell-phone photos today.

...except, maybe (only maybe),the belt. Even the belt looks like it's an odd sade of red/purple/brown.


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