Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New for '75

The "L'il Honkies" collection is available exclusively at all "Dad 'n Lad" stores!

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Anonymous said...

Then #7 says:

You do this for me, and I'll make you a MADE MAN! No one will be able to touch you! :D

John said...

Bwaaa, haaa, haa ! LITTLE HONKIES? NEITHER COLOR NOR RACE could resist pliad my friends.... even now.

Anonymous said...

Honkies... nothin'.

This is one of the rare photos of the "Style By Elton Collection". The Mantique brand was banking on Mr. John's name recognition and popularity with Moms nation-wide.

Bold masculine styling like this eventually got him an appearance on The Muppet Show.

My dad was solidly "Sam The Eagle" so I was spared such savage childhood scarring.


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