Sunday, January 28, 2018

Gentleman Sleestak Contest Winners

Before I announce the winners of the Gentleman Sleestak magnets, I want to confess reading this has made me feel really, really normal, we all seemed to share fears growing up.

 Also, I wasn't a brave kid because I shared the fear of about 75% of what was mentioned. Man, I'm fragile.

Here are just some of the  childhood fears that both made me laugh and shudder:

Tina Turner’s quivering lips in the movie Tommy."

The Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz! 

The Zuni Fetish Warrior Doll from Trilogy of Terror (several mentions)

Oompa Loompas, especially the tall one.

Freddie the Flute. F**k that guy

Dean Travers from Three's Company (fear of over acting I guess)

Phil Silvers 

In Search of (Several times, bless you all)

 the Phantom of the Muppet show

And we're all scared of Sharks, Bigfoot and ventriloquist dummies thank you the 1970s for those.

So the random number generator chose the following winners:

Kip Rathke

John Ogg

Dennis Nelson

Matt Taylor

Jason Young

Joe Hanus

Thanks so much for playing, it brought me a lot of joy to read all those responses! I'll be in touch with each winner this week and send magnets their way!

 Look for another contest in February!

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