Thursday, January 04, 2018

A world of Fisher Price Adventure

By '81 I had moved on from the wholesome (and awesome) Fisher Price Adventure People line but it was such a happy memory that I can honestly remember pouring over the new sets in every wish book.

I especially recall being kind of miffed about the submarine complete with octopus "Oh sure, now they come out with that!".

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

how about that i used to have those two space ships at the top of the catalog. loved em back in the day the Alpha Probe had some cool sound effects.

Caffeinated Joe said...

I had #12, the Aero-Marine Search Team. Lots of fun with that set. I still remember the button on the side of the copter to make the blades turn.

Hauntedheadful said...

I don't see the 2 sets I had;the Safari set and the Forest Ranger set.My cousin had the boat, but his came with a dolphin instead of the shark.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of great 70s childhood memories all on this one page. I had the parachutist in [13] as a stand-alone set. Same figure sculpt as the adventurer in the yellow shirt but the one I had went for all-white coveralls. Same red helmet, though. The Alpha Probe was an incredible set. Didn't have it, but I was still impressed by the two guys I knew who did.

After Star Wars came out the the ship looked a little too civilian and didn't exactly fit with in with the rest of the neighborhood's fleet of snappy X-Wings, much less the gun-metal grey TIE-fighters or Millenium Falcons. One kid's dad had an elegant solution. He left the all-white and came up with a stylish set of red and yellow stripes based on the X-Wing.

He was an auto-detailer and when he was done, his son's Alpha Probe looked like a studio model. It was "battle worn" in the right places, there was heat-discoloration around metallic-looking engine exhausts, and them crowning touch. The wing stickers were removed and Rebel logos were air-brushed in. The sled got the same treatment. Nobody, I mean nobody, laughed at his Alpha Probe set after that.

Even stock, it was a very nice looking ship up close.

Then Empire Strikes Back came out and the other kid whose Alpha Probe was still all-white said it had "Hoth camo", which made sense in a weird way.

John H said...

I had #12 and #14. When G.I. Joe action figures came out in 1982, I incorporated these into my play universe!

Kevin P said...

I had set 13, and I, too, incorporated it with my 3 3/4" Joes and it served them well. The bike was Snake-Eyes and Flint was the man with the Kayak. The Parachute was used to paratroop my Cobra Soldier into battle. The Van was like a mobile headquarters.


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