Wednesday, August 03, 2016

You know what they call "Six Million Dollar Man" in France?

"L'Homme Qui Valait 3 Millards" and Bionic Woman is "Super Jamie" and Maskatron is just...Maskatron


Tom said...

I would watch "Bionic Pippa" starring the Dutchess' sister.

Sventiesfan said...

I always thought of Pippa as an Australian name. Looks it found its way to France and The Bionic Woman. It's a very nice ad, and I have almost everything in it.

Cafazv said...

Guess the US dollar wasnt worth as much in France since Steve is only the 3 Million Dollar Man! (BTW, Pippa is the fashion doll along the bottom, separate from the Bionic dolls)


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