Friday, August 19, 2016

1976 Langley Star Trek Poster Catalog

Unlike today, Langely and Associates was one of those rare places in the mid 70s where you could buy fan merchandise, their catalog was loaded with everything from King Kong posters to a whole selection of 8" by 10" stills from "The Prisoner".

However, the big thing was a wonderful array of Star Trek merchandise, particularly an amazing amount of groovy posters. I've seen some of these in comic book ads but never in full glorious colour, check em out after the jump!

I adore the font used in the Star Trek logo.

That's a lot of phaserin' going on.

Isn't that the cover of StarLog?

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Jon K said...

Yes, I believe that was used as the cover of Starlog #1.

Unknown said...

Love the font too, nto Federation at all but so grrovy. Just in case the font's name is: CountdownD

Unknown said...

This reminds me of a company called Lincoln Enterprises who, around the same time, used to publish Star Trek catalogues full of Trek wonderment. :)


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