Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Star Wars Full Color T-Shirts

That image of Han and Chewbacca is possibly my favourite SW related thing in the universe. I'm positive I had that shirt as a kid.


Ned H said...

It's amazing how much wonder and excitement that classic movie poster image on the one in the upper right can still bring out in me. It's such a gorgeous piece of work and was so prevalent for such a long time.

JFStan said...

Hans Solo LOL

Alphacentaurian said...

This page is simple awesomeness

Anonymous said...

That moment when a careful reading of the ad reveals these were available in adult sizes. <3

Never mind the Kenner Alien... The guy who finds an unopened crate labelled "Adult (L)" in the back of some warehouse is going to be set for life.

What's interesting about the ad is how much it reveals about the creative process in ad agencies and how little was known about the franchise at the time. "Okay guys... description time. Anybody know who Starsky and Hutch are?"
"Yeah, I saw something on TV last night. That's Hans and Solo."
"Got it... 'Hans Solo'."
"These two?"
"No idea. Write 'em up as 'robots'."
"Good thinking. I'll do the other two like that. 'Sword' and uh... whatever the heck these things are... 'rockets'. Done. So, where do you want to go for lunch?"


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