Friday, July 22, 2016

Super Babies!

The Amsco Super Babies never warmed to me as a superhero loving kindergartener, I was well into Mego action figures by this point and Shazam's inaccurate red hair bugged me even then. As an adult, I think they're one of the most charming bits of 70s Superhero merch.

 I'm pleased top announce that things have almost returned to normal here and I'll be updating the site again. Thanks to everyone for the kindness.


Doug said...

Glad a sense of normal has returned.

I would have been in middle school when the super-babies landed. No interest, but I was aware of them. Had I been in college or a bit older, I might have bought a few. There's just a certain age when a man can get away with buying a baby doll, and 11 ain't it!


Anonymous said...

I like these! I am surprised, however, that Catgirl + Batgirl didn't make this set.

Swank Cat said...

>>>Shazam's inaccurate red hair bugged me even then.<<< It's really easy to make Shazam a Super Baby Greatest American Hero...just sayin'.


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