Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gold Studded Suit!

Spaced out groupie sold separately.


Alphacentaurian said...

Guy Karate! Looks like an early appearance; his hair is more volumous here.

"Find out who made those brownies!"

Striped Squirrel said...

Gooold studded!
He's the man, whose suit's a bit too much,
And damn he's butch.
But he's cold blooded!
Beckons you, to dress up in studs like him.
So you'll fit in.

Golden studs you will wear on your gear,
And you'll be the best dressed guy in here.
And the cutest girl won't be a resister,
Of your fly new threads.

From Mr. Gold Studded
Pretty girl, beware of his suit of gold.
His heart is cold.

Anonymous said...

It's truly depressing when even the forward-thinking creative-types of the time recognized they needed to compensate for laughably effeminate male fashions. That bored-looking young woman is a last, desperate attempt to salvage the photo-shoot. Otherwise the only buyers would be Elton John and a particular kind of gentleman-dandy usually found working as a record-store clerk, male nurse, or hair dresser.

This isn't the first time a photo shoot like this has appeared on Plaid Stallions but this one is exceptional, if only for the female model's utter disinterest in the man standing next to her.


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