Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Muppet Vests

Every week I uncover more Sesame Street clothing I wish I could find in a XXL.

PS what the heck is a potholder vest?


JFStan said...

"PS what the heck is a potholder vest?"

It's obviously a vest made from potholders. Or for people that smoke a lot of pot. Yeah, the second one, definitely the second one. :)

Anonymous said...

Potholder meant as big as one.

JEN said...

I had a very similar vest to the bottom I wore in 1977. I must find the picture!

xyzzy said...

I'm guessing a potholder vest would be one decorated/created with the same crochet (or knitting?) used by some grannies to make afghan blankets in the 70s/80s. In fact, when I went through my old toys out in the garage last summer, I found the Bert, Ernie & Oscar The Grouch that my great-grandma had crocheted for me from these 1979 patterns:


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