Friday, November 06, 2015

1975 Polistil Action Team (GI Joe) Catalog

There is nothing i like more an European Catalog for GI Joe Adventure team toys and this one from Polistil Italy is a lot of fun.

Here they are the Action Team and all science fiction is toned down in favour of a slightly more paramilitary look.

As always, the products and faces are familiar but the packaging and marketing have a nice foreign flavour.

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J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

No, if I remember well, no special names were give to those guys. They were just "GiJoes" (and "LadyGi"), members of the Action Team. As the text explains, they're informally called THE THREE ACES.
The last lines say: "Maybe in your best friend's home, an Ace 'secret agent' is already lurking to learn your moves. Prepare your counterattack with YOUR aces: The Black, the White, the Bearded"
Sounds a little like Sergio Leone to me. :D

mike said...

I had the Commando set with black raft and grease gun.The hard hat diver and the hover chair thing.Mine were were the U.S. versions.


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