Friday, July 10, 2015

Pod Stallions Episode 32: Worst Picks 1

This month's episodes was supposed to be a "Minisode" but we just ended up doing a regular length  show. This time we pick the worst things from a variety of genres such as Worst Happy Days character, Worst Muppet Show Guest and Worst Star Wars action figure to name just a few.

During the course of this we discuss JNT era Doctor Who, Kenner toys, San Diego Comic Con, Dickie Goodman, Gamera movies,  the genius of Herb Tarlek, Comic Cons in the 80s and we end the show with age old question, Bailey or Jennifer?

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Listen here

Show Notes:

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Alan said...

Hey Brian! WKRP, The Complete Series, is available on DVD now, with *most* of the original music restored. Though the episode "The Contest Nobody Could Win" has an entirely different third act. Very odd

Evan said...

Hey Brian the new episode seems to have cut off halfway through is that a download problem or upload problem

Dar said...

Is Jason capable of going through an episode without lighting up?


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