Friday, July 17, 2015

Peruvian Star Wars Figures


I had a real nice surprise while visiting a friend over the weekend, as I learned about some toys I didn't know existed before.  These Star Wars figures were only sold in Peru and they're super neat, more after the jump!

These figures were made by BASA, a company I've known about as a Mego collector but really didn't think to explore further. Like a lot of companies south of the border, they had laws that prohibited them from importing foreign made toys. This resulted in BASA licensing Star Wars from Kenner and creating this home brewed marvels in their place.

This version is made of a slightly lighter material and did originally come with a simplified bandolier and gun. I'm told there really aren't many of these kicking around.

Darth Vader is also a simplified, hollow kind of piece, he has a distinct belt and should come with a cape as well.

 His face differs greatly from the Kenner version as well, his eyes are huge!

I swiped this photo from Ebay to show the packaging these guys came in, don't bother falling too hard in love, these guys don't come cheap

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Jonathon Jones said...

First time I've heard about these guys--thanks for the post!

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Really cool figures.


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