Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Man of Argyle

From the "Rejected Looks for Doctor Who" collection.


Dar said...

I'm beginning to think you're photoshoppig these.

I don't remember the 70's fashions being this horrible!

Anonymous said...

...that's because MOST people didn't normally wear things this awful. Remember, these are catalog ads highlighting the craziest of what was offered back then. The '70s are when all the weirdness most people associate with "the '60s" REALLY happened. Society was changing dramatically and clothing companies were flailing in every possible direction trying to avoid being "left out".

But only up to a point.

For every stand-out ad like this in a catalog, there was page after page of entirely conventional looking clothing. A classic like the button front, long sleeve, cable knit sweater is still available from L.L. Bean, virtually unchanged from the one my father got as a Christmas present back in 1972

Nora said...

..."MOST people didn't normally wear things this awful" I actually knew guys who wore things similar to this. Now I know where they got their idea from. Thought it was atrocious at the time, my opinion hasn't changed any. LOL


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