Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Wars Digital Watches

The closest K-Mart to me was on Alderaan, thanks a lot Palpatine!


Phillyradiogeek said...

C-3P0 seems to have a bit of a paunch in that artwork there. Plus, Darth looks less menacing than normal.

Alphacentaurian said...

Yeah, C-3PO seems to have suspenders, and R2D2 is coloured like Captain Keeli.

Sad Vader is sad.
Wahp-wahp-waaaaaaah. (Muted trumpet)

Kracalactaka! said...

Oh Memories, I had that Black Darth Vader watch. The Decals came off pretty easy, I remember gluing and/or taping them back on. Watchband broke after wearing it a couple months. But I loved it even so.

Chris said...

As I recall, the batteries didn't last very long on those first generation LED watches, but they sure looked futuristic and cool, especially when the lights were off.


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