Friday, May 29, 2015

PlaidStallions 9th Anniversary Contest Results

I'm really sorry that I took so long with this one but you people knocked me out with your good ideas that I wish I could give everyone a prize. (I can't do that)

My decision making skills were so bad I had to recruit judges to help me out and I've also expanded the prizes from 3 to 5 just cause I wanted to reward more people. 

So with that aside, let's get to the winners

Honourable Mentions 

Michael sent in the Holmes and YoYo bank vault, which I'm not convinced isn't a real rack toy.

More after the Jump

Jason mocked up this totally believable Rocky piece. Larami could have made a mint on these in  1986!

  • "the Pink lady and jeff learn to speak English rack toy" Grant
  • "Gimme a Break Nell Carter Kazoo" Christian
  • "The Soap Jodie Dallas Dress Up Set" Mike
  • "Planet of the Apes Diving Submarine" Joe
  • "Doc Bricker home pregnancy kit" Mark
  • "Walton's Science Kit" Dave
  • Welcome Back Kotter Sweathogs Farm Animals Set" Johnny
  • "Shaft Fishing Set." Chris
  • "Slim Goodbody Parachutist" Anthony
Clay sent in this AHI  Dracula Vs Frankenstein Ring, which is so wonderful I want to marry it. Please make me one!

The Winners:

#4 Bo Derek 10 Binoculars

Joe wins a copy of Rack Toys for this great combination of a cheap toy and mildly creepy subject matter. Not that hard to believe to be honest.

#3 Charlie's Angels Shaving Kit

Paul  wins a copy of Rack toys for this bit of charming subtlety. 

#2 Little House on the Prairie Dinosaurs

A lot of people came up with "inappropriate license plus dinosaurs" but none so much as David, who wins the carded Brick Mantooth figure.

#1 TIE 
Maude Stunt Cycle
Bob NewHart Remote Control Zoom Cycle

The judges were split on who looked more ridiculous on a motorcycle, at the end of the day it was decided both were equally hilarious so Steven and Chris both win a Brick Mantooth parachuting figure.

Thanks to everyone for joining in on this one, it was the most fun I've had in a while. Like I said I wish I could hand you all something, thank you!

More Rack Toys on Plaid Stallions:

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Anonymous said...

Those are great. I'd love to see some of the loser's work too!

Evan said...

Ok I really meant to submit my MASH emergency tracheotomy kit complete with pocket knife and ball point pen but completely forgot.

Dar said...

All nice, but I admit to being dense and not getting the "Charlie's Angels" one.


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