Sunday, May 31, 2015

Colouring Book Theatre: Dune Activity Book

Dune Activity Book (1984), Grosset & Dunlop.
A local half price book chain just added piles of these to their inventory,  meaning they found a stash of unsold Dune merchandise 30 years later.
I've already looked at the (wrongheaded) Dune colouring books before but they're so freaking weird (and this book was $4) that another trip to Arakis is just too good not to revisit.

Grab your crayons  and join me after the jump

LOTR coloring book

Even if you do connect the dots I'm not really sure most kids would know what they're looking at.

LOTR coloring book

Ingesting these melange based cookies caused millions of children to be able to fold space.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

wheeeee! I wonder if he's off to suck blood or get his boils scraped?

Lord of the Rings coloring book

Many of the characters have these weird happy expressions on their faces, it's more than a little off putting.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

Ah the classic scene when the little girl shivs the bad guy in the face.

Lord of the Rings coloring book


 If you have a submission for colouring book theatre drop me a line at brick *at*!


Unknown said...

Which book chain? Dying to see if they have mail-order

Doomsdave said...

Request seconded! I would love to get my hands on a few of these!

. said...

The first one you did was actually good because it at least new what the movie was. I bet the company commissioned some guy to make it and so he made it to be at least true to the movie. This one however...


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