Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lovable Smoking Traveler's Pet

I was pleased to track one of these down over the weekend as my dad sold them back in the 70s. I was always fascinated by the concept, especially the notion that the Hanna Barbera characters were chain smokers.

As an adult, I'm going to venture a guess that this isn't an officially licensed product.


Doug said...

Do you suppose Huckleberry Hound rolled his own? Wow - no idea anything like this existed.


Barry said...

So many things I don't understand looking at this. Was this to make your room smell like smoke while you were traveling? Was this some sort of air freshener?

Grebo Guru said...

So every year my family would climb into the RV and drive down from Southern Ontario to Florida to visit my grandmother. And one of my favourite parts of the journey as a toy/novelty-obsessed kid were our stops at STUCKY'S rest-stops/restaurants along the way. I loved that place MAINLY for the gimmicky crap they sold to keep wee lads like me entertained on long jaunts. And one of those things was "smoking characters" like this. I remember having a little smoking dog (not a licensed character like Mr. Hound there) from one of those rest-stops for a long, long time.... I refused to let him "smoke" his last little cigarette until I got myself another one on a subsequent trip, but don't think that ever happened. I loved these dumb little things, the little smoke-rings that would puff out at timed intervals. I don't know how it worked and I don't want to. I was - and remains - magical to me.


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