Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spider-Man Ricochet Racers

Ricochet racers were a cool concept on their own, it's a neat looking laser gun looking rifle that shot cars!

Sprinkle in Spider-Man and Captain America and few kids could resist them.


Chris Wuchte said...

I'd completely forgotten about this. I recall it being pretty cool for about a week, then the novelty of shooting a car from a gun wore off. And as you can imagine, it got trashed pretty quickly. It was a little complicated, too - as I look at the photo, I'm still not sure what each of those parts are for.

andrea chiu said...

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Seventiesfan said...

I still have mine, although it no longer works. My brother used it inappropriately with a Shogun Warriors bullet, and the bedroom wall never recovered from it. Ah, the good old days.

BILLONEY! said...

I put tape on the safety lever, so I could shoot my racer up in the air, like a grenade launcher!


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