Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Space Sword!

Nine years after first posting a want ad on here, I am finally reunited with my beloved Space Sword. This is all thanks to Mark from the soon to be open Dr Tongues I Had that shop in Portland Oregon

Mark saw my plea and sold me his childhood space sword. The quest is over and I couldn't be happier.

I honestly got days worth of play out of this thing and it's glow in the dark feature was hugely important to me.

Every time I walk into my office, this is the first thing that greets me. There are rarer and definitely more expensive toys in this work but honestly, this is in my top five.


Devlin Thompson said...

Congratulations! I have three Space Swords (and probably had that many or more in their original time of release), but I had never seen or heard of the Space Shield until you posted pictures of yours. I'm still on the hunt for that. It looks to me from the photos as if you have the second version, which is thinner plastic and doesn't glow as strongly. Does it have some "give" if you squeeze it at the flattest part down near the hilt?

Devlin Thompson said...

By "second version," I mean to say that it was a running change during production, not a second distinct release.

Devlin Thompson said...

I had a blacklite bulb in an old battered brass lamp base that we'd use to quickly charge up the glow on our swords.

Desdinova said...

I had one of these swords. One of my favorite toys. I never had the shield. They probably didn't sell the shield in Missouri because there was a law against it.

Anonymous said...

A great alternative to the shoddy, blow up, Star Wars light sabers of the day.


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