Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mattel Creepy Feature Promotion

I recently came across this promotional folder from Mattel full of different concepts for stores to boost sales of (duh) Mattel Toys. The one that most interested me was the Halloween specific teaming of Suckerman, Gre-Gory and Krusher into an end cap called the "Creepy Feature".

While I'm 100% sure this never made it to Canada (*sob*) I'm wondering if anybody remembers seeing this promotion in action?

I can only imagine if it did happen, it would be a good memory for somebody, I mean, look at this thing!

One of the earliest pages I put up on Plaidstallions was about the Mattel monsters including Suckerman, Gre-Gory and Krusher. Watch out for old html though.


Justin S. Davis said...

Oh, wow. I COMPLETELY forgot about Suckerman.

Thanks for that memory!

chris davis (@ckd26238) twitter said...

I remember that Suckerman. Boy, that takes me back lol


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