Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Freedom Force Binoculars

Aw yeah, another stellar find in my quest to find any merchandise from the Filmation "Tarzan and the Super 7" series. This time it's binoculars that I can honestly say were never mentioned or used on the show in any way. Such is the beauty of Rack Toys...

This was another situation where the seller charged me three times what the item cost to ship it to me (there seems to be one Canadian on Ebay making it tough for the rest of us) and I gladly paid it.


Neal P said...

Shipping to Canada from the States is ridiculously expensive. I really don't understand it. You can ship stuff to Europe for less or the same amount of money. Every time I sold something on eBay to someone in Canada, I always lost money because I would get soft-hearted and eat some of the shipping costs.

Lance said...

I dread to fifure out the costs then for shipping to/from Canada. The last big thing I got from out of the states was a GI Joe Mobile Support Vehicle in rough shape but I won it for only 99 cents (Why don't we still have the cents symbol?) yet shipping was $30 >.< Still, a win situation at the end, just was fun explaining to the wife how such a large shipping cost was not that bad.


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