Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Orr...Bobby Orr

I recall having the Regal Bobby Orr doll as a kid, mostly because one of his skates remained in my curbside until about 1980 as a constant reminder. Me not being much of a Hockey fan, never really knew what to do with him and probably just made him a member of the Adventure Team.

I always find it funny how Toy Companies market sports figures in the 1970s, Orr should be aimed at boys but instead he comes with regular fashions like a Ken doll, same thing happened with Joe Namath and later Wayne Gretzky.


Dancin' Homer said...

i remember a friend had a Johnny Unitas jersey mixed in amongst his GI Joe clothes. I don't think it was for a Johnny Unitas doll . . . maybe it was sort of like a Capt Action thing, where they sold the uni to be worn by other Joe-sized figures?

Plaidstallions said...

That's Johnny Hero, the Captain Action of Sports!

He has foam rubber arms and is prone to rotting.

Anonymous said...

No Tim Horton figure?


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