Friday, May 18, 2012

Super Belts

My buddy Steve sent me this great sales sheet for these awesome Superhero belt buckles I'm sure I saw in the Heroes World catalog when I was in short pants. It's a wonderful pistache of mid 70s Superhero merchandise, the top tier from both houses are present.

It's kind of funny how these mention "boys sizes" seeing as I can enter any major department store right now and find Superhero merchandise to cover every inch of my "lummoxy" frame. Not so much in 1975..... 

More Superheroics

Our Way Studios . 1979 Remco Catalog;Batman Toys by AHI


kakupacal said...

I like that somebody felt comfortable using that hideous DISCO FONT on a company memo.

Tex said...

"It's a wonderful pistache of mid 70s Superhero merchandise..."

Um, pistache?

(you're cuttin' I say you're cuttin' but I'm not bleedin')


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