Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nerd Therapy Session: Thanks Mom

Today's Nerd Therapy Session is a little different from previous examples, it's not a single story but more of a mother's day card of sorts relating to a patient woman and her sometimes nerdy son.

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Dear Mom,

Thanks for making sarcastic comments when "Planet of the Apes" or "Six Million Dollar Man" was on and for pointing out every lame sitcom trope. I didn't appreciate them then but it gave me a lifelong appreciation for riffing. 

Thanks for  leaving me with the Eaton's catalog that week i was in the Hospital, those Christmas wishbook pages gave two year old me incredible comfort and judging by this website, had a significant impact.

Thanks for the many memorable theme cakes including Grover, Captain America's shield and the fact that you were known as the "Snoopy Cake Mom" at the last day of every grade school year.

Thank you for decorating many rooms of our house like Sid and Marty Krofft lived there. The sight of orange and brown will forever make me happy.
Thanks for waiting in line and nearly getting trampled to get your son a Steve Austin doll, only to have Grandma take the credit.
Thanks for donating many of my toys to charity, I know that sounds weird but it lead me down the path of collecting.
Thanks for taking me to my first toy show when I was fifteen and waiting in the parking lot for four hours while your 15 year old son wheeled and dealed with men sometimes three times his age.
Thanks for the many, too numerous to list, college bailout loans.

Thanks for the happy childhood, 70s nostalgia is a big part for me because you made growing up fun.


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Dancin' Homer said...

kudos, Mom


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