Monday, January 09, 2012

Curtain Trip

These should really be brought back, I wouldn't hesitate to put them in every room in my house.


Tex said...

They should not only bring these back, they should bring back the concept of having "green" throughout the house. And by "green" I mean houseplants like that on the left of the pic.

In those more civilized times, EVERYONE had plants inside, and usually fancier ones that they had outside. They not only cleaned the air, but they were useful places to hide figures, or vehicles ready to launch (lots of Gerry Anderson toys shot out of the houseplants in my neighborhood.)

Cromdammit, I MISS the 70s.

(one foot planted firmly in the past, the other just barely dipping a toe in the present)

Nikademus said...

I had curtains like that in my bedroom when I was a kid, only mine were pepto-pink, orange, and some weird mutated "cream" colour.


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