Friday, January 13, 2012

Bionic Bubble Bath

From the "Stuff I hadn't seen before but now can't live without" department comes this Six Million Dollar man bubble bath container from the UK. I guess in the 60s they called these "soakies", I just call this thing awesome. Many thanks to Ebay Seller RetroToyBoy for the photo submission.

More after the (Slow Motion) jump

How crazy cool is this thing?

A good close up of Steve's killer head sculpt, it's crude but you can totally see Lee Majors in there. Arrrgggh I want this!

I imagine Ebay searches for "Noveltime" will increase this year...

More Bionic Goodness

i buy lincoln monsters

Always Buying Lincoln International and Tomland Monster dolls


plasticfetish said...


Wings1295 said...

Amazing collectible, for sure!

Unknown said...

SUHWEET! They had so many cool items like this in the 70's. I had countless Snoopy's etc. myself. A sneaky way to get active little kids to bathe!!


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