Friday, January 20, 2012

1977 Hasbro Super Joe Catalog

Hasbro Superjoe

After folding the G.I. Joe Adventure Team in 1976, Hasbro sought to give their rugged man of action a massive overhaul. Thus SuperJoe was born, bearing little resemblence to the soldier of the past, Joe had lost four inches of height and the G.I prefix. Superjoe was now set in the far off future and (I'm guessing here) on another planet.

The Superjoe dolls were all electronic and the 1978 campaign was "They fight by night with light" meaning the figures were working penlights. Despite the very trendy Sci-Fi theme, Superjoe failed to gel with kids and faded away after the 1978 Christmas season.
Hasbro Superjoe

Hasbro Superjoe

Hasbro Superjoe

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Retro Hound said...

I don't remember this at all, except I do remember hearing that Joe had shrunk. This must have been the year I got too old for G.I. Joe.

Lance said...

I remember Superjoe....I even had the Rocket Command Center although I recall the decals being orange instead of red and the tracked vehicle was red not silver on mine and the rocket sled part was silver not black. Never owned a Superjoe though, I used it for my Micronauts and modified the sled tohold one and my r2d2.

Bob said...

I too had the Rocket Command Center - which was fantastic - along with Commander Power (as he was in the UK) and Gor. I can still remember standing in the toy shop (Play Box it was called) looking at The Shield and hoping to get it.

btw I thought you should know the link to the larger Command Center picture on the 77superjoe page goes to the wrong image.

Drive-In Mike said...

I clearly remember SuperJoe. He was on my Xmas wish list, but that wish never came true! I remember trying to explain to my mom and aunt exactly what to look for...even sketching each SuperJoe character for them: the commander and the black guy in green and white guy in red. Didn't help at all.

Anonymous said...

I only had one figure from this line, and it was a green-skinned black-power-vested version of the commander, or at least I think it was like the commander. Definitely a green superjoe with a black power-vest. I don't see it here or on your super joe page.

Ah... found him here:


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