Monday, July 13, 2009

The Green Team

This 1976 NBC series about a pair of crusading loan officers helping people consolidate their debt load, relied too much on accounting jargon and featured little to no action sequences, save for when Stanley and Lamar would run for coffee. The show was decimated by ABC's "Starsky and Hutch", which held the same timeslot and was quickly cancelled.
Ironically, every episode of the series was destroyed when they were run over by a Ford Torino.


Alphacentaurian said...

Hah! Brill!

It also looks like they're looking off camera, and trying to decide if the heiney they're perusing belongs to a female or male.
The guy on the left seems hesitant, but the guy on the right appears to be pragmatic about it:
Guy1: "I need to be sure; I want to know if I'm aroused or not!"
Guy2: "What the hell! It's a nice can, either way!"

plasticfetish said...

Seems a bit like Logan's Run meets the Wizard of Oz.

Dancin' Homer said...

"Aye, they're always after me lucky charms . . ."

Dave said...

If there was a crayon of that shade of green in the Crayola box, I wonder what the color would be called?

Arkonbey said...

What gets me is that they appear to be wearing jumpsuits under their blazers and not vest/pants comb. Now, that would seventies!

@Alphacentaurian: "trying to decide if the heiney they're perusing belongs to a female or male"

Well, it was the time that Sweet and Ziggy Stardust were in their heyday, right?

John III said...

I need to get me one of those suits for St. Patricks day. Oh man, what a day at the bank that would be!

finky the kid said...

Screenshot from the least successful Wizard of Oz sequel, Wizards of Wall Street: Accountants of Oz


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