Monday, July 20, 2009

The Brothers Superfine: Still on the Prowl

"Ladies, is there an airport nearby or is that our hearts taking off?"
Failure is not in the vocabulary of the Brothers Superfine.


Anonymous said...

I love this!~ I wish guys would still dress like this. I am so old skool.


narvolicious said...

Dood...crazy wicked duds...I would rock those corrugated flairs like a hurricane.

And those pants with matching woven belt and pocket panels??! Man!!

Totally dig how that dood on the right puts a little attitude in his cap...lookit that tilt, lol. Yeahhh!

Dancin' Homer said...

So this is what became of Torpedo Fist after the P.A.C.K. broke up

rob! said...

So, why is a bare-chested Invisible Man wearing a pair of these pants in the background?

Arkonbey said...

Man. Just when I thought I knew all of the bad fashion from the 1970s, I am proven wrong.

Quilted leather pocket fronts? A tied leather belt?

John III said...

blueroc85 said...

My favorite is the leather Native American style design over their boob areas, LOL! Those inlaid stripes and leather weave pockets are a MUST for any pimp on the prowl!

Beth said...

Is this what the gay-about-town wore at the Tulsa Pride Parade circa '72?

The heels are too funny...and quite acceptable back then. Hell, everything was! Even braided leather pocket chaps.

For some reason I can see Tom Cruise in this ;)


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