Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet Batman at Woolworth

Hmmm, seems to be tied into Power Records, sweet!
Mall Appearance Gallery


JFStan said...

WTF does that mean? "Demonstrate" his new album? "Place the album on the turntable aligning the peg with the center hole. Place the arm with the needle on the record near the outer edge and LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!!" :) :)

rob! said...

Wow, and they even used Jim Aparo art for the ad! Sa-weet!

Chris said...

I was thinking the same as JFStan. Maybe he was acting out particular scenes from the story with the record as his background. I can see a slightly overweight guy (same guy who has the Santa and Bunny gig during the holidays)in a Batman costume throwing fake punches and Elvis karate kicks in the air with a group of kids surrounding him in awe. I ate that kind of thing up as a young lad.


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