Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Light Up Drawing Desks

Here is some great old school stuff, I actually had a Disney one (still have it somewhere) and it bears the marks from when I ran out of paper and drew on the desk itself. I didn't say I was a smart kid...

DVD Winners: Thanks for the entheusiastic response to my 70s Toy Explosion Trivia Contest, the two winners drawn who correctly stated the answer was Captain lazer (although I accepted Major Matt Mason as well) are Chris Franklin and Jon Knutson. (sorry I left eveybody hanging this morning, I passed out before I finished blogging last night)
Thanks for playing, expect a new contest next week.


JFStan said...

And...? And...? Did you purposely leave us hanging? Did you hit "post" too early??

John III said...

Drat and double drat! Captain Lazer was MINE! Wait...what would we win again? j/k


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