Friday, March 06, 2009

The LJN TV Superstars Catalog

While action figure giant Mego was busy swooping up all the comic book and science fiction properties it could for their 8" action figure lines, rival toy maker LJN was going after a different sort of hero. In the seventies, LJN pursued the men in uniform namely the TV shows Emergency and The Rookies, both dramas about real life heroes, namely firefighters and policemen. The gambit paid off as LJN had a successful run with these well made action figures.

Check out the (1974?) LJN TV Superstars Catalog here

1 comment:

rob! said...

Considering Mego did toylines for The Waltons, Happy Days, and wanted to do Dallas, an Emergency! line doesn't seem all that ridiculous.

Me? I always wanted a Riptide line, where you could send away for that dorky robot.


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