Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Genuine Imitation Brand Fonzie!


Hey Kids! Be sure to have lots of Happy Days by wearings this 50's look jacket.

Not sure if I'm more put off by the flagrant rip off or the dork trying to look cool.

I wonder how many guys went to school wearing a rip off Fonzie jacket thinking it'd raise their social standing. Most kids in my high school seemed to dress like Schneider from One Day at a time. Most of them probably still do.....


Anonymous said...

Once again, not to sound like I'm 15 with this reference, but that is the side gag in a That 70's Show episode where Kelso gets a Fonzie jacket but can't quite pull off wearing it. That ad is freaking hi-larious.

Unknown said...

Any boy who wore that jacket to my school was asking to be beaten up.


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