Thursday, September 03, 2020

Toy-Ventures: Top Ten 1980s Peg Warmers

This is our follow up to our 70s peg warmers list. The 1980s were an incredible time for action figures, an era we'll never see again but like anything, some items didn't really sell. Let's count down some toys that hung around.
This list is meant in jest and not to be taken seriously. Tell me what i missed in the comments. BUY TOY-VENTURES MAGAZINE ISSUE ONE HERE:
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DBenson said...

I was an adult by the 80s, but I'd still check out KayBees and other sellers of clearance anything. The ones I remember:

-- Figures from "The Shadow" movie. I'm a Shadow fan but didn't care for the movie, so I was annoyed there wasn't a "straight" Shadow figure. The movie did take care to make Shadow's face and costume match the classic magazine covers, but the only action figures I ever saw did him up with armor and sci-fi gimmicks. They occupied those KayBee bins full of figures from flop movies and cancelled TV shows. By way of consolation I've found marked-down reprints of original Shadow magazines and a good DVD release of the goofy but lovable Columbia serial.

-- Battlestar Galactica, the original. There were tons of toys remaindered from that one, including the Cylon soap bubble blower, but the ones I remember as warming pegs in a local shop longest were figures of Lorne Greene and an alien who only appeared in the pilot.

-- Back when there were multiple bookstore chains with big clearance aisles, there were titles that seemed to hold shelf space for years while "former bestsellers" and comically outdated nonfiction were purged. One was "The Trigan Empire", a volume of a sci-fi comic that ran in polite British kid magazines. I got it then let it go, it being too different from what I then thought was a proper comic book or strip. I now regret that, since it finally drifted away from the cheap shelves.


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