Tuesday, September 01, 2020

A Monstrous Word of Thanks


This is long overdue and I apologize for getting to this sooner but wow, the launch of the magazine had a few challenges.

The Guideto the World Famous Super Monsters in the first issue of Toy-Ventures does not have an author name attached because like all good projects, it was a collaboration and a product of people being very generous with their time and information.

 I merely acted as a project coordinator (which is my favourite role in anything) So i want to thank the real authors.

Rob Chatlin- for being the best editor I could hope for, the man has a big red pen.

Corey LeChat- for just coming in and giving everything such incredible flourish.

Steve Moore- Steve caught a few things that would haunt me forever.

The Guide would not exist however if I didn't have these incredibly generous men who shared their collections, knowledge, and photographs to create this guide.

Raymond Castile

Andrew Williams

Heath Smith

Mike Jimenz

Rob Pyatt

Clay Sayre

Robert William

Steve Rosenthal

Matt Jaycox

Rich Hurley

Scott Metzger

Steve Fink

Sylvain Emery

Steve Leach

Dwayne Pinkney

And finally Shannon Stewart, who egged me on in February built the FB group to house this project and convinced me to make this happen.

I can't tell you how much this project meant to me and how the energy and support everyone put into it raised my spirits.

You all might collect monsters but you're superheroes to me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Toy-Ventures Magazine Can be Ordered Right here!

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Gamera977 said...

Just got my copy the day Monday (sorry I was off the computer yesterday) and it looks great! Very professional job. I read it cover to cover in about an hour.
I don't collect action figures and other toys but I do like looking at them. Brings back memories of going to the drug store with mom back in the late '70s.

Thanks Brian and your crew for making this a reality!!!


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