Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Buck Rogers Giant Water Squirter

My friend Corey LeChat sent me this incredible find, a Buck Rogers water gun by Barton (makers of the Green Avenger and other classic 1970s water weaponry) and I wasn't even aware this existed!

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The card art takes the poster (which was used on 95% of all Buck Rogers merch) but plays with it a little, making it kind of fun, I love the Tigerman image all by it's lonesome.

The gun itself? Well, that's complete "label slappery" there, it has no connection to the movie or the series but does kind of look like a 1970s Science Fiction prop, so it's got that going for it!

A "Chuck DeWitt" design, I have no idea who Chuck is at the moment but he must have been a serious player in the Water Pistol world.

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Jón Páll said...

"Label slappery" is correct, the label being askew.


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